Darshan - Visions of the Divine

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Human beings have been migrating from the beginnings of time. Today over 6 billion people inhabit the earth, resources are scarce, earning a livelihood is so much more difficult. Armed conflicts don't help either. Migration is all time high. People from Bihar, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern states migrate all over the country, especially to the southern cities in search of better (than that exists in their towns or villages) prospects. People of rain starved North Karnataka migrate to cities in southtern and coastal Karnataka. And the lack of local labourers in big cities, in agriculture, forces owners of manufacturing units and other businesses to look for labourers from northern India.

During my assignments and travels I often meet people who have left their homes and travel to distant lands to seek livelihoods and to survive. Beneath the struggle, I sense a beautiful human spirit in all of them. The brief moments I spend with them is like seeking a 'Darshan' of life.

Photography as a 'darshan' or seeking a vision of the divine is a thought put forth by the great photographer Raghu Rai.
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